Waste Analysis for the Recycling of Municipal Solid Waste

Waste analysis and composition explained for Recycling

Residual waste is waste that is left over at the end of any process this can be from households containing material that has not yet been separated out at source and sent for recycling processing. This waste mainly falls into the following categories which are biodegradable - kitchen and garden, recyclable waste that should have been removed or cannot be recycled, inert, small waste electrical, fabrics, wood etc.

Smart Technology: The Key to a More Energy Efficient Life

Smart technology has transformed, and is continuing to transform, modern life in more ways than we could ever have imagined. Most modern technology is created with the purpose of making our lives more efficient—getting from A to B quicker, being able to do more on your phone, cleaning the house more efficiently—so it is only natural that there would eventually be technology available that would help us to live more energy efficient lives. Here are just a few of the ways in which technology is helping us give our homes an eco-friendly makeover.

5 New Eco-Friendly Building Materials

Take a look at one of the major cities in the world (New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, etc.). Have you ever wondered just how many natural resources were used to turn those locations into the thriving urban centers that they are today? How much wood and metal and glass are needed to construct a single skyscraper? How many mountains were leveled to make the gravel and produce the delicately cut stone of the local park? There’s no denying it, construction can be an environmentally wasteful business.

Solar Energy: The Green Alternative

Solar energy provides an environmentally friendly alternative to other energy sources, and it is also relatively inexpensive. Although it works better in areas that have a lot of sunlight, including southern California, it has the potential to be utilized across the world for a wide number of different applications. For example, many of the electronic signs that are utilized in construction zones in Michigan are powered by solar energy. Although most people think that solar energy is a newer concept, mankind has been harnessing the power of the sun for centuries.

Bamboo Fabric: The New Age of Bed Sheet

Cotton sheets are out, bamboo fabrics are in.

We have come to the time where people are seeking more comfort than ever, and they would pay a good price for that one. Many innovations in the articles we use for sleep have been established, and most of them offered great comfort to us. But bamboo fabric seems like to come in a much more pleasant light. With its ultra softness and high breathability, there is no wonder that more and more people prefer this new kind of bed sheet among its contemporaries.

Reuse and Repurpose Plastic for a Healthier World

In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, convenience trumps many things. One unfortunate reality is the fact that plastic disposable items come in so many forms that most people are oblivious about how much plastic they add to landfills, not just each year, but each week. Disposable cutlery, cups, lunchbox food containers, plastic bags, margarine tubs, water bottles, medicine bottles, shampoo bottles, milk jugs, plus countless other products encased in plastic, enter our homes each week.

Old Appliances: Fix It or Ditch It

Advancements in technology have made today's appliances enormously more efficient than the ones of yesteryear. Cash for Appliances programs offer cash incentives to replace outdated appliances for newer models, but is it worth the cost of upgrading?

Cash for Appliances

Cash for Appliances programs offer consumers a chance to upgrade to new, Energy Star appliances. You do not need to trade in an old appliance to qualify for a rebate. Simply purchasing a qualifying Energy Star appliance makes you eligible to collect between $50 and $200 in rebate savings.


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