Planning on Fitting Out Your Office? Take These Factors in Mind

Moving into a new office is a bit like moving into your new home and can be quite a challenging but enjoyable experience. It is important that certain things are done to ensure that the move runs smoothly and that the end result meets your requirements. Below are a few tips that should prove an excellent reference point for when you are planning to fit out your office.


Bring the World Home : Global Decorating

Even if you’ve never left the country, it’s easy to incorporate exotic touches to your home. With just a little effort, you’ll be able to bring the look of your favorite destination to your home.

Start with a neutral pallet. While it’s true that certain colors bring to mind certain locations, it’s easier to incorporate color in your accessories. Walls and furniture in beige, grey, or other neutrals will showcase your special pieces beautifully, and it’s much easier to switch out a pillow than to repaint a room.

Focus on Accessories

How To Get The Most From Your Office Space

To get the most out of yourself and your staff, ensure there is plenty of organised, dedicated space in your place of work. By putting in some careful thought at the outset, you can increase productivity just by putting things in the right place. This article suggests some ways to get started.

Plan Ahead

-       Think about what you will use the space for
-       Consider how people will move around the room
-       Draw yourself a floor plan (to scale)

Five Great Tips for Decorating Your Rented Home or Apartment

Five Great Tips for Decorating Your Rented Home or Apartment

Walk into any apartment or home for rent and your likely to see bland, neutral walls with no sense of personality. Take a look at the lease contract and you'll often find that you don't have the freedom to add paint or paper to the walls of your new home. Before you think that you'll need to live with white for the next year of your life, read on! There are easy ways to add splashes of color to your rented home without violating the terms of your lease.

Choosing The Perfect Office Chair To Keep Your Back Healthy

If you work in an office or from home, you may be surprised to learn that during the course of your career, you will spend an astonishing 76,000 hours sitting on a chair. It is no shock then to discover that choosing the right chair can save your back a lot of wear and tear.


Ergonomics is the simple science of making things comfortable as well as efficient. These days most office chairs are designed to be ergonomic, but you will need to research to find the perfect one for you. Here's our 5-step guide to choosing a good one.

Designing a minimalist luxury home

Minimalist design has become a widespread trend that has revolutionised many fields, from architecture to fashion, including interior design and landscaping. There are many good reasons why this trend continues to win supporters. Think about interior design, for example. There is something refreshing and inviting in walking into a house where the spaces are clean and uncluttered. Minimalism does not have to be synonymous with boredom, as this style allows you to express your personality by using a few carefully-selected items that stand out and help create a welcoming space.

Interior design - it's the little touches that matter

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Curtain Poles

For a lot of people, successful interior design is about making it look like they've got a lot of money. It's sad but true. It's the same with fashion, people don't need expensive clothes and they don't need expensive furniture. They just buy these things to make themselves feel good and to enhance their image in the eyes of others.

Using Your Curtains More Effectively

Curtains are rarely given the credit they deserve within the home. However, this is not always down to the fact that people simply take them for granted and, instead, the majority of us simply do not use curtains in the way that we should.

In much the same way that clever use of lighting and mirrors can make a room seem bigger and more inviting, the right use of curtains can make our windows far more attractive, and whilst they may offer privacy and help us control the light that comes into our home, their benefits do not end there.

You Spend About 1900 Hours in Your Office Chair Per Year

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Do you realize that when you work a 40-hour work week that you are spending about 1900 hours in your office chair during the period of one year? When you think about how many years that you will have to work it becomes evident that your office chair is one of the most important investments that you will ever make. It impacts your health and well-being, affects your attitude at work, and can influence the amount of productivity that you have for the company.


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