Different Types of Cushion Fillings

When purchasing chairs, couches and other padded furniture it is important to view the material that is used for the filling. Different fillings have different textures and durability factors. For instance, foam and batting are less durable while memory foam padding and densified fiber or feather/down options last for a longer duration of time. Below are descriptions of the most common cushion filling types and what furniture items each is ideal for.


First Dinnerware Set- Bistro White Porcelain, the only way to go

Ralph Laruen white porcelain dinner plate

Now that I am a little bit older and have spent some money on fine china, I feel that I can safely pass a along some advice. Don’t do it! You’ll use it only for the holidays and it will take up space the rest of the year.

Instead, set your sites on a Bistro White orcelain Dinner Set that you can use every day. That includes having friends over on the fly, the boss and colleagues over for a light brunch or dinner, etc. Save some money and avoid odd colors, exotic designs and settle on white.

Inspiration for Outdoor Holiday Decorations

Holiday Decorations

For many Americans, November and December provide a great way to show off how proud they are of their beautiful homes by decorating the outside spaces with themed lights and other decorations. No matter what holidays you celebrate in the winter, everyone can enjoy some tasteful holiday cheer. Let’s look at some questions that will kindle inspiration for fantastic and fun outdoor decorations — beyond plastic reindeer or an inflatable menorah.

Top home decor ideas to help you design your dining room

Dining Room

The dining room can easily be considered a space in your home that encourages people to enjoy each others’ company as they share little anecdotes, highlights and lowlights of their day over a bowl of warm stew. You may not realize it but creating a warm and cosy environment in the dining room can not only make your lunches and dinners more enjoyable, it also helps take the overall appeal of your home to an all new level. It is a safe room where you know you can retire to after a hectic, long day at work.

Inexpensive Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Larger

Bright Gallery Kitchen

Did you trade in that spacious home and one hour commute for an apartment or condominium in the city? Your home may be small, but it is your space. Your decorative touch is everywhere you look, and your clever ideas are on display. There are plenty of ideas to make a small room look larger, all without busting the bank. So take heart with these tips, some of which are actually free.  

Clean House: Free

Photo by Polygon Homes via Flickr

Got High Ceilings? Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screen

Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screen

This Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screenis in the Washington DC Metro area for inspection and sale.

It is like new and was bought from the Washington DC Design Center at Decorator's Walk years ago for $1,600. Designers, this would make a great addition to a loft or room with high ceilings. Department stores might find it useful for a NYC theme also.

Dimensions: four 20 inch wide panels each is 91 inches tall. In main photo, it measures 69 inches from left to right. [Standard ceiling height is 8 feet or 96 inches]

Revamping Your Home with Some New Furniture

Anderson's picture

When your house is looking a bit worn and worse for wear, you can easily spruce it up with some new furniture. This can make all the difference and turn a tired home into something cutting edge. If you don't have enough of a budget to buy all new furniture, the Guardian suggests that you give a new lease of life to vintage and salvaged pieces.

The Top Considerations for a Great Sofa

Choosing the right sofa for your living room is one of the most important steps towards creating a great environment that will provide you with all the space and comfort you need to enjoy evenings in front of the TV or get-togethers with friends. This is where the majority of your 'sitting' will be done, which makes it an incredibly important feature to get right.

College Courses That Can Help Your Sense of Home Aesthetics

Your home is your castle, the only tiny little sliver of this big crazy world that's yours to make your own. After the soundness of the structure itself, decor is one of the most important elements of your house or apartment. Imparting your own personal taste and style in a space that is practical and aesthetically pleasing makes your home more valuable and your life more pleasurable - and you can have fun doing it.

Although style is instinctive, there are college courses that can enhance your ability to make your living space awesome.

First House or Apartment: How Not to Spend Your Money Foolishly

The temptation to furnish your new apartment or house with all kinds of furniture and home decorations is high. We suggest you slow down and consider where you will be in a few years before spending a lot of money. You could be married or living with someone else who just hates that Victorian sofa that you just had to have. Also large pieces of furniture are not a good idea. You may have specifically bought the piece for a specific place in your home, but the odds are good that it won’t go into your new space. That means selling it or worse giving it away.


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