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Home Theater Speakers: Size Really Does Matter

We’ve all seen the commercials – tiny speakers that you can barely see that claim to create the same sound as speakers 10 times their size. If you can remember back to your high school physics classes, you’ll remember that a loudspeaker needs to move air in order to create realistic sound levels. Tiny speakers are okay for background music in rooms where you don’t intend to do any serious listening, but for television, movies, parties, or simply relaxing with your favorite tunes, you’ll be disappointed unless your speaker is moving a lot of air.

3-D TVs Have Staying Power

Trends in the consumer electronics industry come and go. It can be very difficult to tell which trends will fizzle out or which will stand the test of time. Most new gadgets and consumer electronics are trends — a means to an end until something more advanced is introduced. It’s simply a question of how long until the new “it” product is discovered. Take VHS, for instance.>

Fire Safety in the 21st Century

Fire safety is an important yet often overlooked topic. Usually, when one thinks of fire safety, classes in school about mapping out your home and creating an emergency escape plan, or maybe fire extinguishers and sprinklers come to mind. It is still important to have a basic knowledge of fire safety, exciting advancements in fire safety technology are occurring on a daily basis and making fire protection fun and interesting as well.

DIY Installation Tips for Surround Sound in Your Home

The cost of seeing the latest film in a movie theater continues to rise, with ticket and concession prices making it quite an investment for a simple family night out, not to mention the expensive gas you burn through just to get there. But while all these costs increase, the quality of the experience continues to plummet. Bad seating, loud, unaware theater-goers and long lines all have made going to the movies more of a headache than it is usually worth. Many people have given up on the process, turning towards vastly improved home entertainment options instead.

The Functioning and Application of DirecTV Access Card

DirecTV is one of the leading names in providing television and audio programs to its subscribers via satellite transmissions. It is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster whose satellite service relays digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Latin America, and the Anglophone Caribbean. Its primary contenders are Dish Network and cable television service providers.

Chosing a broadband deal for the whole family

Identifying the best broadband deals can be tough if you do not really know what you are looking for. However, it is important to take your time and compare the available bundles, particularly if you are selecting a new package for your family home.

Whilst there are no hard and fast rules for buying broadband, it is sensible to check how each offer might fit into your family life. To help you cut through the marketing jargon and confusing prices, here are five of the most important things to look out for when choosing broadband for the whole family.

Connection Speed

21st Century Living: Technology Enabled Minimalism

It is the 21st century and while we don't have home help in the shape of obedient cyborgs or flying cars a lot of our everyday lifestyle has changed drastically in the last 25 years that spanned the millennial transition. This is predominantly due to technology and one such change is that to the idea of minimalist living. While this previously meant zero clutter and open plan living in an essentially white space it has now evolved.

Education is Going Digital- are books greener

Over the past few years, the Internet has morphed into a global town square: commerce, entertainment and business have moved into the digital world. And now that smartphones and tablets like the iPad and Kindle Fire have become popular, mobile computing has made it possible to store large amounts of data into small, portable devices.

Installing Your Own Home Security System

Whether you live in a high-crime urban area or a safe-as-houses (so to speak) small town, you may have concerns about the security of your home.  Families with children tend to be especially wary of leaving doors and windows unlocked when the media is littered with stories of kids being abducted from their homes (Elizabeth Smart and Polly Klaas are just two such examples that have inspired media frenzy).And while you know that the security of your family is priceless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the extra cash on hand to pay for a company to


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