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IT&Green: UK Recycling Company Encourages People to Recycle Ink Cartridges

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ink cartridge recycling

According to a global market research, the printing equipment and supplies industry will exceed US$21 billion by 2015, in just two years from now. The market requests have significantly grown, especially in areas such as digital color presses, specialty printers and inkjet printers. So what happens to the disposable color printers and inkjet printers? Read more...

10 Ways Your Tablet Can Help You Ace the GMAT

You spent four years in undergrad plucking away at your laptop, finishing your papers and completing projects. As you work your way through grad school, you'll find your laptop useful but slowly failing you when you need it most: Studying for the GMAT. Instead, get out your tablet and use it to your advantage. Whether you have an iPad or an Android, here are the apps that you'll find essential in preparing for the biggest test of your life:

1.GMAT Pill

Create a Personal Ringtone in 4 Easy Steps

Your own ringtone is just a few steps away. As a matter of fact, it's actually easier to make your own ringtone than it is to make your own pizza. So if you're hungry and want something interesting to sound off when you get a call or a text, order your pie now and then do the following things to make your phone that much more customized.

Mobile Learning for the Entire Family with Geography Apps

It is becoming much more difficult for children to receive a quality education in the social sciences due to the overwhelming emphasis on STEM subjects in high schools and increasingly elementary schools. The effects are already showing in surveys of young adults. Over 70 percent of 18-24 year olds think English is the most common native language in the world, and only half of young adults can find New York state on a map.

Stylish Landline Phone Options

Landline telephones have a practical use for some families, but they no longer provide the essential link with the outside world that they once did. More and more of your friends and family members are canceling landline service, and statistics show that at least 25 percent of phone customers use cell phones exclusively.

Staying with a Familiar Style

Top 10 Suitable Gifts for Laptop Lovers This Christmas and New Year

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Today in this high tech world laptop is a most common thing which everyone loves to have. Here is a list of the perfect gifts which you can present to your near and dear ones for this Christmas and New Year.

One of the perfect gifts for any person in this fast pace world would be a laptop and its accessory. Here is a list of best 10 ideas of the things which you can buy for the people who are close to you to bring a smile on their rosy faces this Christmas eve.

Google’s Nexus 7- a holiday gift that won’t break the bank

I am frugal and when I spend money on an electronic device I am focused on benefits and reducing the downside risk. Most computer devices disappoint and those that don’t cost a lot of money. So with that said I went out and ordered Google’s Nexus 7 16GB tablet. I’ve had it for about two months and here’s what I like and don’t like about it.

My cost

10 Easy To Learn 3D Tools To Plan Your Dream Home With

Some of us have thought of and entertained the idea that it would be great to build a house that exactly matches the one we have in our dreams. A lot of people considered such thought as too ideal and unfeasible in the past, when you had to solely rely on sketches that the local architect can come up with. While architects are not bound to lose their job anytime soon, not all of them can understand or sympathize with what you really want your dream home to look like.

How to Choose, Install and Trouble-Shoot Your Own Wi-Fi

Wireless home networks are incredibly convenient and allow you to place a computer in any room of the house without having to run long cables through the walls. Most networking equipment comes read to use with a simple hookup, but sometimes it will take some troubleshooting to get right. Here's a general idea of how to set up and troubleshoot a Wi-Fi network.

1. Make sure you have a high-speed Internet connection. While a Wi-Fi network can work with other types of connections, they function better when the connection is always on.


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