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Smart TV from LG

LG TVs are known for their attractive and rather sleek designs, innovative features and outstanding performance. One of the proud achievements of LG is the 55LW5600 LED Backlit Smart TV which gives you the best of both worlds by combining 3D capability and internet connectivity. For those who prefer the plasma technology, LG offers almost similar features in the 60 inch 3D capable 1080p Plasma TV; the 60PZ750 Smart TV.

 Smart TV

All about The Glasses-Free 3-D TV

The ability to display graphics in three dimensions has made 3 dimensional TV such a treat for eyes whether watching content or playing video games. 3D TV creates true to life models as images seem to pop out and you get a feeling that you are right in the middle of the action. However those expensive heavyweight 3D glasses were a killjoy and took all the fun out of the 3D watching. Now advanced technology has taken care of this problem by introducing “passive 3D TV”.

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