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The Must-Have Plumbing Tools for Your Toolbox

Working on sink drain pipe

The average cost to hire a plumber for a home repair in this country runs between $291-$417, according to Keep these tools in your toolbox to tackle common plumbing problems yourself and save money.


Snakes, also called plumber's augers, will help break up a clog further down a drain pipe. Snakes are easy to use and only require you to turn the handle crank to push the snake into the drain, find the clog and break it into pieces.

Installing a new shower pump in your bathroom

Grundfos Danube shower Pumps

Showering can be incredibly frustrating if you suffer from low pressure in your home’s water mains supply. You have two options, either increase the size of the water supply pressure to your home, which is very costly, or install what’s called a shower pump. Fortunately, the second option is very affordable and can provide you the shower you have been dreaming of.

Create a Post-Grad Palace with These Bachelor Pad Hacks

Planning the big move out

So you're moving out of the dorms or your parents' basement and the only possessions to your name are an old couch and an Xbox 360 that's red-ringed twice already. Moving out on your own (presumably with a few roommates) is an awkward transition between your first real paycheck and actual adulthood. You're not ready to grow up, and why should you be? Now that you have your own place--a real place--the fun is about to begin.

How to Renovate Your Home While Being a Good Neighbor

Hard at work remodeling a home

In 2010, 14,511,000 households underwent a bathroom remodel, the U.S. Census Bureau reports. An additional 8,452,000 homes received new kitchens. Home renovation projects like these might make your house happy, but what about your neighbors? Whether they're done by a contractor or completed by you, the homeowners, renovations are almost guaranteed to be noisy, create debris and make day-to-day life unpleasant for those living near you. If you're contemplating a home remodel, acting as a good neighbor can save you from any future payback.

Gasless Future is (Almost) Here: Why Your Next Car Will Use Electricity or (Gasp) Water

Electric car usage

As of 2011, there were an estimated 13 million alternative fuel cars, including hybrid cars, in the U.S., according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. While this represents a fraction of the total cars in the U.S., the alternative fuel car market is growing. Next time you need to purchase a car, you may be looking at one that uses water or electricity to derive power, instead of gasoline. Learn more about the electric car and the hydrogen car now to stay ahead of the curve.

The Right Tools and Work Clothes for the Job

Woman in high viz safety jacket

We’re all familiar with the saying in home renovation and construction “the Right Tools for the Job.  However, we often forget about clothing when it comes to doing work around our home ourselves or doing it as a professional contractor for clients.  How well we cloth ourselves and tradesman can often result in a job done right the first time instead of hastily rushing to get it done to avoid cold, wet and icy weather.

Safety wear and safety for Workers and DIY types

Big Paychecks don’t mean Top Performance

Some of us have no problem with the six figure salaries plus stock options that top executives demand in Fortune 500 companies. After all, they work 24/7, are under a great deal of stress and are responsible for multi-billion companies and the lives of their employees. However, when you take a closer look, you will question whether those high salaries are warranted with the level of performance. Remember, that former CEO Steve Jobs's salary was $1 so money is not the only thing that encourages top performance.

First Dinnerware Set- Bistro White Porcelain, the only way to go

Ralph Laruen white porcelain dinner plate

Now that I am a little bit older and have spent some money on fine china, I feel that I can safely pass a along some advice. Don’t do it! You’ll use it only for the holidays and it will take up space the rest of the year.

Instead, set your sites on a Bistro White orcelain Dinner Set that you can use every day. That includes having friends over on the fly, the boss and colleagues over for a light brunch or dinner, etc. Save some money and avoid odd colors, exotic designs and settle on white.

Inexpensive Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Larger

Bright Gallery Kitchen

Did you trade in that spacious home and one hour commute for an apartment or condominium in the city? Your home may be small, but it is your space. Your decorative touch is everywhere you look, and your clever ideas are on display. There are plenty of ideas to make a small room look larger, all without busting the bank. So take heart with these tips, some of which are actually free.  

Clean House: Free

Photo by Polygon Homes via Flickr

Got High Ceilings? Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screen

Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screen

This Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screenis in the Washington DC Metro area for inspection and sale.

It is like new and was bought from the Washington DC Design Center at Decorator's Walk years ago for $1,600. Designers, this would make a great addition to a loft or room with high ceilings. Department stores might find it useful for a NYC theme also.

Dimensions: four 20 inch wide panels each is 91 inches tall. In main photo, it measures 69 inches from left to right. [Standard ceiling height is 8 feet or 96 inches]

Newlyweds and Interior Design: Bridging the Gap with Technological Tools

Technology is an ideal companion for interior decorators — from novices to experts. So say you're a newlywed couple looking for ways to decorate your new home with minimal experience or idea where to start. Ignore those lavish Pinterest dream homes. Shoot for something manageable and original with user-friendly tips and tools.

Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Glass

Fact or Sales Gimmick? 4 Need to Know Tips Before Buying a Mattress

A Shifman mattress

Buying a mattress is like buying a car; both situations can feel intimidating, and you’re never quite sure if you made a good deal or not. The dizzying array of names used to identify mattresses is part of the confusion. One brand’s “ultra-plush” is another brand’s “super-comfort,” making it difficult for a consumer to compare price and quality.

Before you shop for new mattresses, consider this fact-or-myth list and become a savvy consumer:


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