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07 Nov

Solar PhotoVoltaic should not follow utility model

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If you are into solar energy, you would probably have better luck seeing the back of your ears then successfully building a large solar energy project. That is unless you have access to capital and the patience of the prophjets. Your alternative is to abandon this hub and spoke notion and go after distributed markets.  

27 Oct

The Future of Energy: Utility companies helping consumers save energy rather than consume it

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According to consulting giant McKinsey & Company, energy efficiency stands to make giant strides in the next 10 years especially in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Europe. That’s because showing consumers how to save energy is becoming the growing mantra of utility companies. 

21 Oct

Free Home Improvement and Interior Design Apps

Published by Live Ammo

I am new to this community but want to tell you about nine new apps that can be used to help you remodel or decorate your home.

They include:

1) Remodelista: A daily app source for savvy home design products.

2) Interiors: iPhone Edition: Find the trendiest interior products around big cities.