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Is It Worth It to Buy and Repair Distressed Real Estate?

Real estate is not an easy market, but it has the potential to be very exciting and highly lucrative for those with the drive to succeed. Investments in property are some of the best assets for any self-starter because real estate is generally unaffected by the typical market fluctuations, and provides stable, reliable returns in the long run. There are many ways to go about investing in real estate, all of which require different courses of action, but one increasingly popular strategy is to buy distressed property at low prices to fix up and sell.

How to Prevent Leaks in a Toilet Supply Hose

Plumbing is a more complicated business than many people realize. After all, there's a reason that plumbers are able to charge seemingly high fees for their work--they are specialized workers with knowledge and experience in a field that many people do not understand. However, there are a number of easy plumbing fixes you can do on your own without calling in the professionals, and taking preventative measures is an even easier way to make sure your pipes keep flowing without issue.

Top 5 Tips for Installing Window Trim

Home improvement projects run the gamut from easier than pie to industrial nightmare. Installing window trim falls somewhere in the middle. This is a job that will take a bit of time, but you should be able to get it done on your own if you play your cards right. Follow these 5 tips for installing window trim to make sure you do the job right the first time.

  1. Measure Twice, Cut Once 

How to Fix and Silence a Squeaky Floor

A squeaking floor can be one of the worst annoyances of all in your house. They can lower the value of your house if you should happen to be selling, aside from driving you bonkers every time you walk over the creaking floor board. Squeaking floors are typically caused by the expanding and shrinking of the wooden planks used in construction. When floor boards shrink and warp slightly, they become more prone to moving slightly under weight, which causes those annoying squeaks.

5 Tips for Decorating a Rustic, Western-Themed Bedroom

Many people harbor a sort of romantic fascination with the old west. Although the living conditions were less than sanitary and the outlaw element often resulted in bloodshed, the idea of manifest destiny is one that has long influenced our culture. Following westward expansion into the untamed wilds of America, the people of this country continued to uphold the ideal that hard work and innovation are the cornerstones of success, and that anyone, no matter how humble their beginnings, can achieve their dreams.

How to Build and Design a Greenhouse in Your Backyard

A greenhouse can be a great addition to any home's back yard garden. Plants that grow in greenhouses often thrive due to the increased moisture, warmth and sunlight--a few of almost every plant's favorite things. Whether you dye your thumb green with orchids, roses, vegetables or herbs, a greenhouse can bring a whole new dimension to your gardening. Plants that formerly died off in the winter may be able to grow and thrive until next spring. You may have had tough look trying to plant seeds that don't fare well in your climate.

How to Clean Dirty Grout in Bathroom Tiles

Even if you clean your bathroom weekly and spray the shower walls in between with a product meant to ward off soap scum, over time you'll still notice that the grout gets dirty. And it seems like you can't really keep it clean unless you get in there and scrub with a toothbrush. This, however, is a back-breaking and time consuming task that most people would rather avoid. And yet, you don't want your bathroom to look filthy just because you don't have hours to spend on grout maintenance.

Top 5 Tips for Diagnosing Leaky Toilets

The toilet is quite possibly the most under-appreciated pieces of domestic hardware in the world. People often forget the luxury of indoor plumbing until it suddenly vanishes. Remember, it was not long ago that out-houses were more common than indoor bathrooms. The toilet in your house is truly a miracle of modern technology, but like all technology it does not last forever and carries a risk of failure. When your toilet starts malfunctioning, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches if you follow these 5 tips for diagnosing problems.

  1. Start from the Beginning 

How to Cut Construction Costs When Building a New Home

There's no denying that designing a custom property can be expensive. And yet, the ability to engineer a brand new home that is built to your exact specifications (in terms of form and function) is extremely appealing to many would-be homebuyers. The truth is that building can even come out being less costly, in some cases, although it depends on several factors like location, materials, labor, and so on. Luckily, there are ways that the average adult looking to build a one-of-a-kind domicile can cut costs throughout the process.

DIY Tips for Replace Fireplace Tiles

Fireplaces, while in many ways a relic of the past due to the ubiquity of modern heating systems in homes, can be a true delight to gather around during the winter months. The unique warmth provided by a fireplace gives a feeling that is unmatched. However, when your fireplace tiles become old damaged, and dirty, the very sight of your fireplace can be enough to put you off from ever utilizing it.

Top 5 Signs Your Home Has Termites

Termites are not an uncommon occurrence, so it is hard to understand why so few homeowners are aware of the signs of infestation. If you knew what to look for you could put a stop to a termite infestation before the little buggers wormed their way through the insides of your house. Because left unchecked, they will eat and spread until they have caused serious structural damage, leading to costly repairs or potentially even making your property unsafe for habitation.

Make Eco Friendly Improvements on Your Existing Home or Buy a New One?

One small step at a time, the world is going green--which is great for all of us. Without sustainable options for the future, our children and their children will be in for a world of hardship as resources continue to dwindle and the environment becomes increasingly unfriendly. World leaders and the public at large are finally making progress in the struggle to correct the damage that has been done, as well as plan for a brighter tomorrow. As an individual, you have the ability to support the cause in your own way, from the comfort of home.

Natural Methods of Eliminating Pests From Your Home and Garden

Just outside of your walls, there are multitudes of tiny home invaders just waiting to creep in and get their paws, jaws, and feelers on your bounty of food, water and comfortable living space. Pests of all kinds, insect, rodent, and everything in between, can quickly become serious problems in your home and garden when left unchecked. They can destroy your plants and start families in and around your house, resulting in infestations that are difficult to eliminate.

Top 5 Considerations Before Committing to a Home Addition

Home renovations can be a pretty major undertaking. While plenty of homeowners won't hesitate to implement cosmetic upgrades, there's a big difference between painting a wall and knocking one down, or retiling the kitchen counter versus gutting the space in order to replace all of the cabinetry and countertops. And when it comes to planning and building a home addition, you can consider that the hassles of your average renovation project will be magnified multifold.


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