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Early detection of moisture problems can preserve a home's foundation

Many home maintenance tasks are obvious, because you can see signs of wear and tear like peeling paint or crumbling sidewalks. But it’s easy to forget about one of the most important components of your home: the foundation.

The foundation is the most important structure in any home, because everything else depends on it. Major repairs can be expensive, so preventative maintenance is essential. Following are some ways to preserve the integrity of your home’s foundation.

1. Analyze the perimeter of your home

Cracks in the walls? Here's when you should worry

As a homeowner or someone doing a home inspection prior to making an offer on a home, there aren’t many home repair issues that cause quite as much consternation as cracks in the wall. Whether you’re noticing some itsy bitsy hairline cracks running vertically from a corner of the living room, or a great big gaping crack that forms a horizontal grimace across the wall, a crack in your home will definitely give you pause.

Don't Forget to Decorate the Kitchen Too!

The Christmas season means that the kitchen is a primary working area for you while you cook dinners and bake scrumptious delights. With all of the excitement and buzz of the season, spurred on by gloriously wafting baked goods scents, it’s easy to understand that decorating the heart-center of your home can be relegated to an afterthought, or you may simply think that decorating your workspace will make it too cluttered.

Selling your home? Go green!

In the housing market these days, buyers have a wide variety of homes to choose from, so sellers are often competing for buyers’ attention. Real estate agents will tell you that you need to impress buyers right away. Keep the house clean, remove all of your personal items, like pictures, and keep just enough furniture on display that buyers can envision living in your home. While all of those things are extremely important, there are a few other steps you can take to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Tips for a hassle-free move

Moving is hard. No matter who you are or how you're doing it, the process of uprooting your family and your belongings is filled with numerous little tasks and the seemingly endless processes of packing, cleaning and unpacking.

If you've moved several times in the past, you've probably picked up some tricks of the trade to cut down on the stress -- and costs -- of the moving process. But there's always room for improvement. Read on for advice that can alleviate some of your concerns while transitioning to a new home.

Transferring utilities

How to choose a trustworthy contractor

Summer is over and maybe you’ve decided that you’ll need to wait for warmer weather to resume your list of home improvement projects. But you don’t have to wait until then to start looking for a reputable contractor. Choosing someone to work on your home takes time. Don’t assume that a person who drives a truck and has a ladder and toolbox is necessarily qualified or trustworthy. Do your homework and you'll end up saving a lot of money and frayed nerves.

Turn your home into a peaceful haven with a Fountain and Feng Shui

Is your home as chaotic as the rest of your life? It's time to do something for yourself and turn your home into your personal haven. You don't need to invest tens of thousands of dollars on a remodeling project in order to have a tranquil house or apartment. The following quick fixes should be more than enough to keep the peace.

Invest in an indoor water fountain

Your outdoor kitchen: The home's new heart

How can you add the hottest new room every well-appointed home must have without building any new walls? Add an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor living is here to stay and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen is the next frontier when it comes to perfecting your outdoor space. Adding a grill and a table to your backyard patio is a great start, but a true backyard kitchen is more than just a place to grill; it’s a well-designed space with all the conveniences of your indoor kitchen.

Four-season use

5 Benefits of Green Appliances

Not all appliances are created equal. While, generally, all appliances will perform the tasks for which they were built with acceptable quality, some offer more benefits to home owners than others. When getting new appliances, think about the green options that are currently available on the market. There are many compelling reasons to select greener versions of the appliances you use every day when time to replace these appliances rolls around. Consider these reasons when deciding if green appliances are the best ones for you.

Reduced Energy Bills

Why move when you can remodel?

If you've outgrown your current home or grown tired of its aging features, you may be considering moving to a new home. But home remodeling may be one way to get everything you need out of your current residence, without the inconvenience of uprooting your family and moving.

More and more people are choosing to remain in their home and implement improvements and upgrades as needed. If you choose to do the same, the following tips and techniques can help you plan, work through and finish remodeling projects in the smartest way.

Smart remodeling tips

Exterior re-dos done smart

When a home looks shoddy from the curb, its resale and overall value is decreased. Giving your home a bit of a facelift is a great way to not only update its look, but also to make sure your residence is environmentally friendly at a time when it's increasingly important to go green. Here are the top five green products to look for when you're redoing the exterior of your home.


Five Features that may Help Sell your Home

Remodeling your home isn't just about what you want, but also what the next owner might want. Especially if you're not planning to stay in your home for long, remodeling with the next owner in mind will help you choose projects that will add to your home's overall value. Consider some of these features to draw the attention of prospective buyers and fetch a good price for your home when you sell it.

3-D TVs Have Staying Power

Trends in the consumer electronics industry come and go. It can be very difficult to tell which trends will fizzle out or which will stand the test of time. Most new gadgets and consumer electronics are trends — a means to an end until something more advanced is introduced. It’s simply a question of how long until the new “it” product is discovered. Take VHS, for instance.>

Home Trends to Try On Your Home

Classic. Modern. Designer. Trendy.

When it comes to home decor, you probably have your own style. Maybe you keep a constant theme from room to room, or have different themes dotting your home’s interior. Whatever your decorating sensibility, your home can almost certainly benefit from a little updating. You don’t need to jump on every home trend that comes along, but keeping your home cutting-edge can increase resale value, improve your home life, and actually save you money.

Outdoor Space Builds


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