5 Fun ways to save in 2014

Let’s face it, saving money isn’t really much fun, is it?  Yet in today's cash strapped society saving a little of your hard earned wage each month is essential to help you achieve your long term goals and ambitions.  For example, you might be hoping to buy a new car or invest in a new house during 2014 but even with the very best AVRUS mortgage deal, finding the down payment could be a challenge unless you start a savings plan to help you.

Analyzing Vehicle Data to Cut Costs and Time

Truck fleet

Running a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. With customers to keep happy, drivers to send to the right locations and money to be made, it can all get particularly stressful especially when factors beyond your control play havoc with your seemingly watertight system. Accidents on the main roads, road closures and delays at the depot can throw even the best-made plans right out of the window like a discarded drinks cup, but there are forms of technology that can be utilized to help the managers get a few hours worth of sleep each night.

First Dinnerware Set- Bistro White Porcelain, the only way to go

Ralph Laruen white porcelain dinner plate

Now that I am a little bit older and have spent some money on fine china, I feel that I can safely pass a along some advice. Don’t do it! You’ll use it only for the holidays and it will take up space the rest of the year.

Instead, set your sites on a Bistro White orcelain Dinner Set that you can use every day. That includes having friends over on the fly, the boss and colleagues over for a light brunch or dinner, etc. Save some money and avoid odd colors, exotic designs and settle on white.

5 Ways To Save Money by Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

When it comes to owning a home, it can seem after a while that you're doing nothing but spending money. Expenses can quickly start stacking up, and you're left constantly in the red financially. If this is the type of situation you've found yourself in, here are several important tips that help you get your home and finances back in order, with or without a small wind turbine kit.


How to Make a DIY Bar at Your Home

Build a bar

Coming up with a DIY bar at your home is a very good idea. It may be as simple as setting aside a kitchen cabinet and making it a liquor area or using the basement as an extensive wet bar with most of the amenities. This post is meant to guide you through making a DIY bar in your home, stocking it with the most important contents and getting the right tools for construction. You will also be informed on how to manage the bar.

How to Stock a DIY Bar at your Home

Top home decor ideas to help you design your dining room

Dining Room

The dining room can easily be considered a space in your home that encourages people to enjoy each others’ company as they share little anecdotes, highlights and lowlights of their day over a bowl of warm stew. You may not realize it but creating a warm and cosy environment in the dining room can not only make your lunches and dinners more enjoyable, it also helps take the overall appeal of your home to an all new level. It is a safe room where you know you can retire to after a hectic, long day at work.

Government Launches Initiative to Reduce Insurance Costs

Another great idea from the Government, I hear you groan. Yes, the Government is once again wading in on some of the biggest issues within society and are attempting to find a solution. There are more proposed initiatives than anyone can care to remember that are designed to solve public problems. Yet this one, geared around driving, COULD be different.

Inexpensive Tips to Make a Small Space Feel Larger

Bright Gallery Kitchen

Did you trade in that spacious home and one hour commute for an apartment or condominium in the city? Your home may be small, but it is your space. Your decorative touch is everywhere you look, and your clever ideas are on display. There are plenty of ideas to make a small room look larger, all without busting the bank. So take heart with these tips, some of which are actually free.  

Clean House: Free

Photo by Polygon Homes via Flickr

Got High Ceilings? Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screen

Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screen

This Large Maitland Smith Contemporary New York City Screenis in the Washington DC Metro area for inspection and sale.

It is like new and was bought from the Washington DC Design Center at Decorator's Walk years ago for $1,600. Designers, this would make a great addition to a loft or room with high ceilings. Department stores might find it useful for a NYC theme also.

Dimensions: four 20 inch wide panels each is 91 inches tall. In main photo, it measures 69 inches from left to right. [Standard ceiling height is 8 feet or 96 inches]

A Modern Marvel Bred from Antiquity: Fluted Pilasters

Fluted columns on a home

Architecture is a unique art form which can tell us a great deal about society throughout history. Each architectural style has a number of secrets about its period and setting hidden within it. From the senate houses of Ancient Rome to the sky-high office blocks of modern day New York, each architectural style and feature holds a great deal of importance.

Revamping Your Home with Some New Furniture

Anderson's picture

When your house is looking a bit worn and worse for wear, you can easily spruce it up with some new furniture. This can make all the difference and turn a tired home into something cutting edge. If you don't have enough of a budget to buy all new furniture, the Guardian suggests that you give a new lease of life to vintage and salvaged pieces.

The Four Main Functions of an Exterior Door

Anderson's picture

Although it may sound obvious to discuss the specific functions of the door, there is more to it than just allowing people to enter and exit a house. An exterior door has a number of different features, including providing safety and security to a house, keeping the interior of the house private and providing shelter from the elements. The four main functions of an exterior door are discussed below:


5 Tips to Tide Over a Poor Credit Situation

Times are tough – no question. What with layoffs, slashed salaries and rising prices, just making ends meet is a tough proposition. So how do you manage to make ends meet? How do you navigate that financial crunch? Well some of these tips may be rather obvious ones, but may bear repetition. We look at some ways in which you can navigate those financial rough waters.

1. Cut down

What Your Front Door Says About You

Choosing a front door is one of the biggest decisions you have to make when building or remodeling your home. No matter what, you want a sturdy, functional door, but you also want to make a statement. Your front door is the entryway to your personal and family space. For this reason your door choice is important.

Every Front Door Should Say These Things

There are certain things every front door should do for a home. Besides looking great, a front door should be able to address the following needs:

• Durability

• Security

• Thermal efficiency


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