Solar Company Provides Installations For Low-Income Families

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Lend a helping hand to less fortunate communities and they will repay you twice over. With this motto in mind, a group of enthusiast and benevolent volunteers working for Grid Alternatives, a non profit organization based in California, are installing solar panels for low-income home owners on both coasts.

Solar panels: A cost-efficient and sustainable energy source

5 Degrees You're Better Off Earning Online

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Online learning is easier than ever with courses and seminars being offered through leading universities, special online only schools and programs that can help change your career path.

The popularity is so immense, that there are some courses that are better learned through online programs, for adult students, students with busy schedules or students unable to make it to traditional class hours.

Online Computer Science Programs

Booming Dubai: The Ever Expanding Property Market

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As 2013 came to a close, Dubai realtors came out on top. The housing market in the booming emirate took a hit as the world economy saw a dramatic downturn in recent years but thanks to economic recovery plans and an increase in new construction, The Dubai Land Department is forecasting increased property prices in the 40% range.

Reducing Moisture Damage and Mold Risk

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When you first move into a new apartment or home, moisture and mold growth are probably the last things on your mind. You might have been surprised to see prevention tips mentioned in your lease agreement. However, if you've just moved to an area with high humidity and rapid temperature changes, you might find yourself battling moisture damage and mold growth. If you ignore these issues, it can lead to extensive damage of facilities, furniture, and put your health at risk. Here are a few ways that you can be proactive as a tenant to reduce these risks. 

Five fun art and craft projects for kids

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When you're at home with your children it is easy to let them fall into the same old habits of watching television or playing computer games. However, taking on some arts and crafts projects is not only great fun for people of all ages, but it also helps young people build practical skills. Any of these five projects would be great fun to do in your free time.

Muffin case ghosts

10 Robots That Will Make Your Home Life Easier

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1) Dacors Tablet - Controlled Oven

If the time has come for you to upgrade oven to a high-end appliance, maybe you should consider the Dacor's Tablet -- Controlled Oven. Today's Technology has brought oven ranges into the new millennium. Dacor has created a professional two-oven, six-burner appliance that has a built-in Android tablet that allows you to control all its functions from anywhere.

2) Lockitron - door lock app

How Your Home's Paint Colors Affect Your Mood

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Psychology teaches us that color affects mood. While not everyone may feel the same way about certain colors, there are shades and hues that are seen to affect most people in a particular way. By keeping that in mind, you can make choices about the colors you use for the rooms in your home and the art you choose to put on the walls. When you understand colors and how they make you feel, you'll be able to pick your decor more easily and find just the right paint options for your house. Art that you put on the walls can also be a part of your use of color.


5 Cost Efficient Remodeling Techniques

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Making home renovation is usually expensive and stressful; however, there are many cost-cutting remodeling techniques that allow homeowners to make improvements to their homes on a shoestring budget. Everyone should learn the art of cutting remodeling costs without cutting corners. Exceeding the budget is everyone's biggest fear when it comes to home renovations. The secret to cutting costs involves strategic thinking, smart purchasing, reduction of labor costs, and creativity.

 Shopping Salvage and Using Creativity

5 Top Kitchen Appliances and Tools for Busy People

It is not uncommon for every adult in a family household to have a full time job, which makes family meal times difficult to schedule. Getting in from work after a busy day and still having a family to feed can mean that many of us resort to pre-packed ready meals, but this doesn't have to be the case!

With a few clever gadgets and appliances, you can be one of the envied ‘super-mums’ of the playground, with home-made pack lunches and a hot, healthy dinner on the table every evening.

Slow cooker

Top Tips for Fulfilling Your Dream Move to Edinburgh

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So you’ve decided that Edinburgh is going to be the place where you setup home for the future? It’s not surprising that you have chosen the “UK’s second best city to live in” to be your new permanent base. This award-winning capital city of Scotland offers something for everyone and is becoming an extremely popular place to live due to its diverse mix of culture, history and cosmopolitan modern-living.

Development Dilemmas under Discussion

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Councils all over the country face a dilemma because of the messages coming from several sources that business confidence is rising and with it the chances of investment. The Council in Heston, Cornwall have just turned down a proposal to use some land previously earmarked for an industrial park for sheltered housing despite the fact there has been little interest from investors in recent years to set up a business in the proposed park.


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