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Come Over To Swindon


Swindon is the county of Wiltshire in the South West of England and the town is actually located within the wider Borough of Swindon. The population of Swindon is around 185,609 as reported in the 2011 Census, covering an area of approximately 40 square kilometres.

Stretch Your Money during the Holiday Season

It's no secret that Christmas is the most exciting time of year. However we all know that it can also be a period in which money is stretched as you're looking to get your family and loved ones the best presents you can. It is possible, however, to be thoughtful and craft your own gifts. Homecrafts have devised this useful infographic to help you find bits to kick start your present making.

5 Fun ways to save in 2014

Let’s face it, saving money isn’t really much fun, is it?  Yet in today's cash strapped society saving a little of your hard earned wage each month is essential to help you achieve your long term goals and ambitions.  For example, you might be hoping to buy a new car or invest in a new house during 2014 but even with the very best AVRUS mortgage deal, finding the down payment could be a challenge unless you start a savings plan to help you.

Analyzing Vehicle Data to Cut Costs and Time

Truck fleet

Running a fleet of vehicles is no easy task. With customers to keep happy, drivers to send to the right locations and money to be made, it can all get particularly stressful especially when factors beyond your control play havoc with your seemingly watertight system. Accidents on the main roads, road closures and delays at the depot can throw even the best-made plans right out of the window like a discarded drinks cup, but there are forms of technology that can be utilized to help the managers get a few hours worth of sleep each night.

Government Launches Initiative to Reduce Insurance Costs

Another great idea from the Government, I hear you groan. Yes, the Government is once again wading in on some of the biggest issues within society and are attempting to find a solution. There are more proposed initiatives than anyone can care to remember that are designed to solve public problems. Yet this one, geared around driving, COULD be different.

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