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5 Kitchen Designs That Are Trendy and Functional

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The kitchen is not just a space for the preparation of food and drinks. It can be a social centerpiece that give hosts and guests a place to gather and enjoy the fruits of the home at its best.

unique kitchen design should reflect the character of the person who lives there. Fashion should guide function as well as create an environment worth being in. Take a look at these five examples.

5 Frequently Overlooked Issues during Home Inspections

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When it seems like you've come across the home of your dreams in New York City, it can be hard to put on the brakes and think clearly about your upcoming purchase. You've already hired a home inspector, and they've given you the green light regarding the safety, climate control, plumbing, and foundational integrity of your new home. However, a home inspection also covers a lot of ground, and it can be impossible for even the most seasoned professional to catch every concern.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Perfect for Your 2014 Spring Cleaning

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This season's spring cleaning is likely to include kitchen remodeling projects that give the hard-working room a clean, crisp and contemporary style, according to an overview of top 2014 design trends by the Chicago Tribune. Increasingly, homeowners are opting for features that are easy to clean and that give a streamlined, modern look to the room known as the heart of the home.

Drive Up Business with Your Own Reality TV Show

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Some businesses have a wide range of unique clients that are as diverse as the jobs the company performs. Perhaps they live in a city or area that is vastly different from most of the rest.

This could be the premise for a reality television show. The show could feature a company whose business is being promoted in America's living rooms during prime time every week.

How Curb Appeal is Bowing to Photo Appeal

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In the past, real estate agents drove prospective buyers to a promising property and relied on the visual impact of the front yard to spark their interest. Although this undoubtedly still happens in the real estate industry, curb appeal is steadily giving way to photo appeal.

Now that more house hunters research attractive homes online, pictures are the primary way to narrow down candidates. Real estate professionals have to gear their listings toward this end with fabulous photos that will sell the property to distant buyers.

Reducing Moisture Damage and Mold Risk

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When you first move into a new apartment or home, moisture and mold growth are probably the last things on your mind. You might have been surprised to see prevention tips mentioned in your lease agreement. However, if you've just moved to an area with high humidity and rapid temperature changes, you might find yourself battling moisture damage and mold growth. If you ignore these issues, it can lead to extensive damage of facilities, furniture, and put your health at risk. Here are a few ways that you can be proactive as a tenant to reduce these risks. 

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