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Art for Your Home Today

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Do It Yourself Art

In the wake of the publication of a recent book exploring the art in people's houses, attention has turned inwards to the art in our own rooms and the pieces of design with which we share our lives. Busy modern people might not spend much time assessing the display of artworks in their own homes, but the things with which we surround ourselves can make a big difference to our overall mood and contentment. In all houses, whether displaying an expensive art investment or the work of a talented family member, creating the right setting will make a big difference.

Investment Art

Style without the stress - creating relaxation at home

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With incidences of stress and stress-related illness ever on the increase in the UK it is more important than ever to turn our homes into a place of sanctuary and relaxation. With some small changes to the look and feel of our homes, we can ensure that time spent there is as restorative as possible, helping to decrease the likelihood of stress-related problems in our lives at work and in the outside world. Here are the top five ways to improve your mood.


Five fun art and craft projects for kids

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When you're at home with your children it is easy to let them fall into the same old habits of watching television or playing computer games. However, taking on some arts and crafts projects is not only great fun for people of all ages, but it also helps young people build practical skills. Any of these five projects would be great fun to do in your free time.

Muffin case ghosts

Top Tips for Fulfilling Your Dream Move to Edinburgh

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So you’ve decided that Edinburgh is going to be the place where you setup home for the future? It’s not surprising that you have chosen the “UK’s second best city to live in” to be your new permanent base. This award-winning capital city of Scotland offers something for everyone and is becoming an extremely popular place to live due to its diverse mix of culture, history and cosmopolitan modern-living.

Development Dilemmas under Discussion

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Councils all over the country face a dilemma because of the messages coming from several sources that business confidence is rising and with it the chances of investment. The Council in Heston, Cornwall have just turned down a proposal to use some land previously earmarked for an industrial park for sheltered housing despite the fact there has been little interest from investors in recent years to set up a business in the proposed park.

Have You Been Paying Too Much for Your Energy?

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There probably isn’t anyone in the UK who would say they are pleased with their monthly energy bill. And why should they? Almost every month, it seems that the bills keep getting bigger. The trend is certainly accelerating this winter, as our weather has been fairly harsh and everyone has to use more energy to heat their homes, offices and factories. Is it just the sign of the times, or is there something afoot? There are those in Parliament who think that the Big Six energy providers are actually inflating prices, partly to generate greater profits, partly due to poor buying decisions.

Stylish Window Solutions

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Window coverings can make or break a space. A well thought out room can be derailed in an instant with too much or too little covering the windows, which should enhance the space and effectively provide privacy and shield from the sun. It's easy to see the appeal of curtains, as they can suit a wide range of space and be simple, dramatic or express a mood. But care, cleaning and preservation can be an issue, especially in a heavy traffic environment.

Style in Smaller Bathrooms

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Tiled Bathroom

Once the Cinderella of the interior design world, bathrooms are really entering the high-end design realm of late. Now that kitchens are things of beauty and living rooms are confidently expressing their homeowner's style, bathrooms are rapidly becoming the next design focus for the style conscious. All showers have energy-efficiency options now, so you can even relax about your energy bills. Here we consider ways in which you can make the most of your bathroom space with shower units without either breaking the budget or compromising on style.

Shower Enclosures

The Four Main Functions of an Exterior Door

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Although it may sound obvious to discuss the specific functions of the door, there is more to it than just allowing people to enter and exit a house. An exterior door has a number of different features, including providing safety and security to a house, keeping the interior of the house private and providing shelter from the elements. The four main functions of an exterior door are discussed below:


A Battle of Titans: Fracking Versus Nuclear

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As the world’s population grows and many of the major economies around the world are slowly coming out of the recessionary hangover that they have experienced over the last several years, the question about energy sources is becoming more and more important. Different countries have tackled the issue in different ways, all of them trying to come up with long-term solutions that will provide plenty of power for their local economy without having to rely on outside sources. Here in the UK, the two most controversial solutions are fracking and nuclear power.

Electricians with a Professional Approach

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When it comes to the essential trades such as electricians and plumbers they perform services to the community so that their clients are able to feel secure that the chances of a problem are minimal. We take electricity for granted until something goes wrong and it fails. It is a fairly rare occurrence unless an accident happens such as happened in Chelmsford recently when a low voltage power cable fell onto the main road at Latchingdon and hit iron railings. A few homes lost power immediately. The repair was done quickly with the power cut while the work was done.


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