Trex Deck stains caused by Pine Trees

Our Trex deck is fine. However, the deck is subject to staining and discoloration from nearly pine trees. We have not tried removing the stains yet and would welcome suggestions.

There is nothing like a huge deck that adjoins a kitchen and/or family room. It's great for those temperate days and evening to relax on. Of course when you are hosting a large party, it also serves to capture the overflow of people and kids.

Deck with pine trees in back ground

We designed and built 26 foot by 24 foot deck using Trex decking, Specifically we used Trex Accents Decking since it has a very slight wood grain. To control costs, we used pressured treated wood for the railing and posts.

Trex is backed by a 25 year limited warranty. The company claims that the total 10 year cost $1,250 less than wood at year 10. We've only had our deck for about 2 years so we'll see.

Deck stains- not stains and clean area under overhang

So far we have found Trex decking to be slip resistant on rainy days and it has not splinted and warped. The only issue we have had with Trex is that it is susceptible to staining. We noticed this about 6 months after the installation. The Trex decking under our overhang that leads to family room is identical to the day it was installed. However, the remainder of the deck has small spots on it. At first, we could not figure out what was causing this, so we called a Trex Distributor who came out and inspected the deck.

Closeup of stains on Trex deck

The Trex distributor told us that the pine trees that are adjacent to the deck are the cause of the problem. Pines apparently secrete some kind of substance that reacts with the Trex.

The not so obvious solution was to cut or trim the pine trees before we installed the deck. The second approach is to try to clean the deck with the materials recommended by Trex below.

Cleaning Trex Decks PDF
Trex Brochure [English] PDF
Trex Brochure [Spanish] PDF