How to work with a Bathroom Designer

Bathroom designers can help you realize your bathroom remodeling goals, but you'll have to do your part too. That means not procrastinating and making timely decisions.

Bathroom remodeling requires a great deal of planning, because numerous systems are involved. These included plumbing, electricity, HVAC, tile and color selection, etc.

Bathroom designers have to be excellent planners to achieve a great result

Planning is Imperative
Many people ask what does a bathroom designer add to a bathroom remodeling project. The answer is primarily discipline and organization and then there expertise in space, design color, etc.

Marmi travertino marfil by PorcelanosaThere's actually a lot going on in bathrooms these days. Bathrooms tend to be larger and on most home buyers' list of desired features. It pays to do it right.

Then there are hundreds of choices to select from with regard to vanity cabinets, vanity lights, shower enclosures, ceramic tile, heated floors, skylights, Jacuzzis and tubs. That means that you will have many decisions to make and you must be organized.

If you don't plan things out in great detail, you're going to limit your choices. For example, you see these great single vanity lights. However, the ceramic tile has just been installed and there is only a single electrical junction box instead of two need. This is where a bathroom designer can work their magic.

What services will a good Bathroom Designer provide?
Bathroom designers will essentially ask the right questions and get you to think about and answer them in a timely manner. That way your ideas and wants become part of the design. You actually will prevent what is called scope creep in your bathroom design remodeling project and in some cases tearing things out to accommodate something you overlooked. For example, your master bathroom is over a garage that is not heated and the existing bathroom was always cold in the winter. With this in mind, a bathroom designer can incorporate heating into the floor, a heat lamp or call for better HVAC work to warm the space.

The bathroom designer will look at your bathroom spaces, the existing windows if any, and determine a lighting plan. They'll also want to know who will use the bathroom- guests, just you and that special someone, or your elderly mother. If it's the ladder than, the designer can incorporate a handicap rail or shower and bath bar into the design.

Bathroom designers will also layout the room with all of the pieces. They make sure there is sufficient space for that new shower door to swing open so it doesn't hit the vanity cabinet. In other instances, they will help you make decisions. For example, many people think that they need a Jacuzzi. In reality Jacuzzis are not really used all that much. A bathroom designer can help you look at other options like a smaller soaking tub.

Maximizing space in a condo by Porcelonsa

Bathroom designers will also help you to choose ceramic tiles and marble if appropriate, Most designers often deal with good ceramic tile shops. The designer will also help you select the size, color, and texture of tiles and determine how much of the bathroom to tile.

Finally, bathroom designers will also integrate any bull noses, listellas, and borders into the overall design. They should also help you to select a grout color for the tiles and calculate how much tile you will need based on your room measurements and how much of the room will be tiled. Finally, many bathroom designers will provide you with a list of ceramic tile installers.

What should I bring to my Bathroom Designer or Ceramic Tile Shop?
Choosing ceramic tiles or natural stone for a bathroom is challenging. It's a function of your budget and coordinating the tile selection with your overall color scheme. We recommend that you bring the following to your designer or local ceramic tile shop even if you are just browsing:

  1. Measurements of each bathroom (length, width and height),
  2. Pictures of your bathroom (existing or under construction) to get an idea of any windows and the amount of light in the room,
  3. A sample of your bathroom vanity cabinet color,
  4. Paint color or color scheme of adjoining rooms or house
  5. Color of bath tub or Jacuzzi, and
  6. An idea of how much of your bathroom that you want to tile.

How much should I plan on spending at a tile shop?
Master bath tile with Porcelanosa tileThe price of ceramic tiles and other tiles at the places we shop starts at about $5.00 per square foot. Of course you can spend much more or less. You will find that the cost of the smaller pieces adversely affects your budget.

You can find less expensive tiles at the Home Depot and Lowes Home Improvement Store starting at $1.50 per square foot. Expo Design Stores also have good selections of tile at fairly good prices. We recommend three ceramic tile stores that you should consider.

Are there any tiles that I should avoid?
Yes. Natural stones like marble and travertine and crackled tiles that require being sealed may not be right for you or your bathroom. We prefer porcelain ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles do not require any maintenance and the colors and textures mimic the natural stones very well.