Good Ceramic Tile Stores can make bathroom and kitchen remodeling seem easy

Ceramic and porcelain tile stores that have large wall displays or vignettes of tiles can help you better visualize your finished bathroom remodeling project. A knowledgeable staff willing to work with you is also important. We recommend three ceramic tile stores that exceeded our expectations.

Panaria tile installed in hall bathroom purchased from Tile by Design Long Island Shopping for ceramic tile is both exciting and challenging. There are literally thousands of tiles and accessories to choose from so one can easily become overwhelmed. The three ceramic tile shops that we recommend can make the task go much easier and save you valuable time whether you are working with a bathroom or kitchen designer or doing it yourself.

Criteria for Good Ceramic Tile Shops
We prefer tile stores that have a good selection of tiles and knowledgeable sales staff. What separates these tile stores from others are how they display their tiles and make it much easier for you and us to visualize what our bathroom will look like. Store that display tiles on large wall boards or in vignettes can be a source of good ideas and a basis to modifications.

In essence, we're looking to take advantage of some of the good bathroom tile design that large and smaller tile stores provide though their manufacturers. We then can tweak them with respect to the color and finish of the tiles. We think you should follow this strategy as well.

The second thing you should look for are knowledgeable sales staff to work with you to achieve your goals and answer your questions. Besides the color of the tiles, you're going to have to match grout color and you will need help doing this.

Ceramic Tile Shops we recommendArk blanco1 seno tile courtesy of Porcelanosa
With the above criteria in mind, we recommend the following tile stores:

  • Porcelanosa Tiles, a global firm
  • Best Tile Inc., a national firm and
  • Tile by Design in Long Island, NY

Porcelanosa Tiles is a world wide producer of porcelain tile which is much more durable than regular ceramic tiles. (See # 3 in FAQs for differences in ceramic and porcelain tile). The company also makes bathroom vanity cabinetry, kitchen cabinetry and high quality faucets.

In Porcelanosa's large Rockville Maryland showroom, you will find numerous vignettes fully set up and see all elements of a bathroom and kitchen tied together. If you like sleek, European design you will love Porcelanosa's bathrooms and kitchens. They also have more traditional tiles and vignettes as well, which we bought for our renovation. The floors of the entire showroom are also tiled with the various offerings in large blocks.

Nile chrome faucet courtesy of porcelanosaThe combination of well lit vignettes and large groups of tiles on Porcelanosa's showroom's floors make it easier to find what you are looking for. You also get the benefit of a look put together by a bathroom or kitchen designer.

Porcelanosa places price lists of all the tiles, sink fixtures, cabinets and lighting in each vignette. This really makes it easy to shop. If you like the vignette, you are 75 percent done. Keep in mind that most of the tiles come in various colors and finishes (shiny, dull, rippled, etc.)

Dante courtesy of Porcelanosa Porcelanosa Tile has showrooms in California, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey and New York. They also have showrooms in Canada, Europe and Japan. Porcelanosa has opened a new showroom in Riverside, Connecticut.

All of the sales staff at Porcelanosa's Rockville showroom are terrific. One of the best is Luce (pronounced Loose). She is very good and patient. The ceramic tiles in our kitchen are from Porcelanosa.

Best Tile is also an excellent choice for ceramic and porcelain tiles. They have numerous showrooms in the US with a large selection of tiles. Most tiles are displayed on wall boards, but it's not as large or organized as Porcelanosa. The Best Tile store in Rockville Maryland has a very knowledgeable staff, especially Dan. We bought tiles for our lower kitchen and hall way there as well as our lower bathroom.

Tile by Design in Long Island, NY makes up for it's smaller size by a very knowledgeable staff. Owner Frank Arena has years of knowledge and is very good. He often works with New York interior designers and high end clients looking for good service. The shop displays tile on wall boards so you get a very good idea of how it will look.

Contact Information for Ceramic Tile Stores

  • Porcelanosa Tiles- 725 Rockville Pike, Rockville MD, Phone: 301-294-8193,
  • Best Tile- 11601 Boiling Brook Pkwy, Rockville, MD, Phone: 301-984-3386
  • Tile by Design- 4204 Austin Blvd Island Park, NY, Phone 516-889-6899