Day after Christmas Sales a must for Decorating Your Home

One of the most well kept secrets are the Day after Christmas Sale held by furniture and home furnishing stores like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Container Store and Renovation Hardware. The sales generally run until the New Year and regular items are deep discounted, some greater than 50 percent off. We expect pretty sizable discounts given the poor state of the economy. Last year we bought a great 8 foot x 10 foot rug for $100. It required some cleaning which we did ourselves. The original price was $599.

Railings for Porches and Steps

A nice inviting porch is a very common feature in new construction and remodeled homes. Whether you need to install a railing depends on local building codes. Even if you are required to install a porch railing, there are plenty of designs that will enhance your home's curb appeal in metal and wood

Porches and Steps- what's required for safety

Four things to do when staging your home for sale

So you're thinking about putting your home on the market, and you know there are a bunch of things that you can do to get ready, but just where do you start? Well, there are 4 things that I do in every home that I stage to prepare for re-sale, no matter what type of home - large or small - that I am staging.   And now I am going to share them with you.

A Green Home Improvement Project for the Wallet-Conscious

Doing a home improvement project doesn't necessarily mean going out and buying brand new ecologically sound products and spending money. Repurposing old book shelves and old IKEA kitchen cabinets headed for the landfill is not only green, but saved us $1,200 plus. We also found over $400 in our garage doing this project.

Curb Appeal with Porches

A well thought out porch can dramatically improve the curb appeal of most homes and be functional as well. When planning a porch, consider how deep it will be, sunlight exposure, the width and color of porch columns, flooring and railing.

Before porch was constructedPrior to renovating our Washington DC rambler, we had no porch, just a little portico. It's sole function was a place to get out of the rain or snow before entering the front door.

Slow Home Remodeling Market could mean lower remodeling costs

A slow home remodeling market may result in lower construction costs. This doesn't mean that you can get things done for nothing. Nor does it make it easier to find a good contractor. In fact, it may be more challenging.

In the Washington DC area, contractors are calling architects and requesting that they be allowed to bid on future jobs. We suspect that the same may be true in other areas. During the height of the home remodeling market, it was customary to have three contractors bid on a job. Now five contractors bidding on work is the norm.

Sinks for extremely small Powder Rooms

Small, versatile sinks are a must for very small powder rooms. We show you several sinks that maximize these small spaces and pass the test with flying colors. They also make quite a statement.

Many home owners try to make a statement in their powder room with bold colors, expensive vessel sinks and faucets, etc. This relatively straight forward with most powder rooms (Usually they are 4 to 5 feet long and 36-37 inches long).


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