South Sioux City Teachers Lounge Makeover Unveiled

Our South Sioux City Middle School Teachers' lounge make over cost about $1,000, but that includes furnishings too. We chose three colors all from Behr Paints Toffee Bar, Basketry, and Smokey Slate. Everyone says that the colors are calming and its very relaxing in there!  What an accomplishment! It is amazing how just the paint alone has transformed this place.  A lot of work, but was worth the time and effort. See how this all got started

Kitchen Remodeling Questions

I am going to replace my kitchen cabinets, as I have a 24" wall oven and cooktop and am pressed for counter top space and my wall oven is "putting out fumes". I installed them 15 years ago to replace the ones that were in the home for 20 yrs (I a guessing), as at that time, I didn't want to remodel. I now want to put in a 30" range. I love the look of the "slide in" with out the back piece as I am hoping to eventually do a tile backsplash.

Is the Nissan Leaf electric car really emission free?

Finally an automaker with the guts to build an "emission free electric car". Hmm, maybe the car does not emit emissions but the power plant that produces the electricity may.

Nissan made headlines this weekend when it unveiled its new electric car, the Nissan Leaf, which will hit the U.S. market in the second half of 2010. The car will also be sold in Europe and Japan.

Rethinking the obstacles to Electric Cars

The latest polls have shown that 1 out of 3 Americans would gladly switch to an electric car if they were readily available, affordable and could travel extensive distances. So what's really getting in the way? It's the battery. They are usually expensive and most people can't stand the idea of waiting for the darn things to charge. Um um um.....

Solar in the Desert- Doable with good planning

The July 8, 2009 issue of the Economist talks about building solar thermal projects in the Sahara Desert and transporting the electricity to Europe using high voltage direct current cables. I found this article interesting because it defines the project as a single unit, i.e solar power generation and the associated electric transmission system. We often forget that no one will build an electrical generating plant without knowing if there is a no way to get the power to where it's needed.

Making a 100 bottle wine rack out of a wardrobe cabinet

With unemployment up and predicted to go higher, we're all looking for ways to make our money work harder and go farther. One way to do that is to repurpose furniture into something else for a fraction of the cost. We illustrate this with a 100 bottle wine cabinet made with an Pax Wardrobe cabinet and some Omar wine racks from IKEA.

We have over the years collected about 100 bottles of wine and wanted to store them. Our requirements were straight forward.

Renewabel Energy- don't forget to read the small print

If we ever do pass a new Energy-Climate bill, I hope that someone reads the small print about renewables. It might read something like this. "The manufacuturer is not responsible for Acts of God such as extended periods of no wind, extreme high or low temperatures, and prolonged overcast days, etc. While a new energy and climate bill will move us towards renewables we should not relegate existing forms of electric power generation to the junk yard.

Residential Electricity Users key to lower electricity prices

What if there was a "silver bullet' that would reduce our summer electricity bills, avoid building new power plants and protecting the environment? Demand response is that bullet. A recent federal report predicts that demand response programs could reduce peak electricity demand accross the country by up to 20 percent and reduce the need to operate hundreds of power plants during peak times.

Installing Granite Countertops- what to expect

Selecting and istalling a granite countertop is not as simple as selecting a manmade material. Knowing what to expect will ensure that you get what you pay for and that the project turns out fine. On the positive side- you won't have to dlo this for a long time to come.

Granite countertops are installed through a process that takes several steps:

Bathroom Sinks in Review

Are you looking to change the sink in your guest or master bathroom or your entire house? Even if that's the only feature of the room that you plan to update, choosing the right style can make a big difference in appearance. You don't have to have the same sink in every bathroom. In fact our advice is to upgrade or do something different in your master bathroom and powder room. This article will briefly review some of the styles and materials available in bathroom sinks today.

How many pendant lights for a 7 foot peninsula and how far from ceiling

Patricko asked "What would be a drop length for mini pendant lights in a kitchen with 8ft ceilings?  How many lights would good for a 7ft island?

Here's our answer:

With 8 foot ceilings, we like a height of 28 inches from the ceiling to the tip of the pendant. Yes we think you can get a least three lights for that 7 foot ceiling. Maybe four, but that depends on the layout and what is at the base of the peninsula.


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