Rough Plumbing Question

We are adding a bedroom and a bathroom in the basement in Maryland. My plumber mentioned that instead of using #57 stone, it was better to add pea gravel under the pvc sewer line, because pea gravel packs better. He also said that the old sewer pipes were laid on the ground without any gravel under them.

Also how much gravel should be placed under the sewer pipe and how much above it.

Ever hear of Viega ProPress System for plumbing?

Have you heard of or used the Viega ProPress System (see ) Our plumbing contractor want to use it on our remodeling project. We were wondering if you had any experience with it since it seems to be very prevalent in the commercial and industrial side of things.

Also is it safe for drinking water in homes?

Can you hire a Contractor using the Internet?

Unfortunately, too many people use the Internet to find contractors and hire them after a sales pitch. You need to take the time to check out the contractors yourself and talk to their clients to make a reasonably good decision. You'll avoid costly mistakes by contractors who simply are not well qualified. Here's how to use the Internet to your best advantage and to spot red flags when you talk to contractors.

Cool Gifts for Do It Yourselfer Girls and Guys

Last year we were a little late with our holiday gift ideas, so we made a New Years resolution to bring things up earlier. These stocking stuffers and gifts are igreat for the do it yourselfer or that friend who is into eco-friendly gadgets. We've added some cool stuff for the ladies as well.

These days women are doing more around the house and that includes taking on home improvement projects. So we start off with two items that any woman needs. Both will make you look great.

Is the McMansion a thing of the past in the U.S. Housing Market?

When one thinks of super large homes, the U.S. usually comes to mind. Not anymore. A recent study claims that the largest homes can now be found in Australia. The moe important question is what are U.S. home buyers looking for instead. Also how are residentail builders and architects responding to them.

Obama Administration makes building Rooftop Solar energy projects easier

Everyone seems to encourage development of renewable energy projects like solar but few realize the maze that a developer and customers have to go through to see it happen. Now the Obama Administration has at least removed some of the paperwork and the associated risks of developing the projects. This came about via a new ruling by federal regulators.

Avoid Moving Company Scam's

A Local move is much simpler than a long distance and international move. However, even with a simple move you can have problems with moving companies. Packing Service Inc. has many ways to make your move easy and safe by protecting your items. Please read about our other options and information (long distance and international move) that we provide about moving companies

SCAMS, and many ways to save time and money with our services.

Deer in the Washington DC area- a Disease Vector

Yesterday a deer wandered into the lions pen of the National Zoo in Washington DC. This was the first time it happened and cause quite a bit of commotion. Not suprising with the local deer population at 82 deer per square mile. Years ago, 28 deer per square mile was the norm around here. So is it time to really get serious about controlling these critters or do we just have to put up with them and live with a greaterlikelihood

Where to get bathroom vanity delivered in 2 weeks

I live in San Mateo CA. Am trying to find a place to purchase a standard size bathroom vanity cabinet in white (30"w x 22"dx 31.5"h) with one door and drawers. Plywood construction.

I have been to Home Depot as well as several area cabinet shops. I was amazed to find that the time from order to delivery is close to 5 weeks. Do you know of any manufacturer that I can order from directly where I could receive such as item in less time.

Grohe Kitchen Faucets- Real Steel or Stainless Steel

I need help in reconciling the finishes offered in Grohe's Kitchen line. I am selecting two kitchen faucets that will go in the same kitchen for my client. I want each to have the same finish- Real Steel. The faucets are listed one way in the brochure and another way in the catalogue.

In the Kitchen brochure, the faucets are:

1) Ladylux-3 33 893 DC0 Ladylux3 Plus
main sink dual spray pull-out
GROHE RealSteel® stainless steel

Who stands behind Danze plumbing products?

Danze bathroom and kitchen faucets are available in many plumbing show rooms and on the Internet. However, we've often wondered who stands behind Danze? More important are they reliable like Kohler, Grohe, Hansgrohe, Delta, Moen and American Standard or problematic like Pegasus faucets. Turns out that Danze is one of the brands of Globe Union, a large multinational company based in Taiwan.


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